American Association of Woodturners 2013 Symposium

AAW 2013 Symposium in TampaEvery summer the AAW holds an annual symposium. On a rotational basis, it moves to different parts of the country with the goal of being within driving range of as many members as possible every so many years. The annual symposium is a feast of woodturning. World-class demonstrators from all over the globe converge on the symposium city to provide three days of education, inspiration, and camaraderie. To be engrossed in woodturning for three days is something hard to describe to those who have never attended. The symposium contains three days of rotations on every topic in the spectrum of woodturning, from the craft to the art. Regardless of your interest, there will be so many demonstrations that will interest you that you’ll be unable to attend them all. This year we are anticipating one of the largest trade shows ever held – see here. With all the major vendors in woodturning present, this will be your opportunity for touching and feeling to satisfy all your shopping questions. The instant gallery with thousands of woodturnings from the members attending is not only open for nearly the entire show but also the artists are on site for you to engage with. Perhaps the most special benefit of the symposium is the friendships that are made over the years and the renewal of those friendships at each symposium. A casual conversation with someone in the instant gallery or while buying coffee at the bagel shop will make the connection with a kindred woodturner. These innocent meetings often flourish into long-lasting friendships, whether you meet once a year or via email or sometimes visit as you travel.

This year’s symposium in Tampa promises to be spectacular. Tampa is a wonderful city in the vacation state of the United States. A line-up of some of the finest presenters in the woodturning community will inform and inspire you. All of the great things the symposium always offers, including the youth room, trade show, instant gallery, banquet and EOG auction, and time with your friends from afar, will be available. If you haven’t already made your plans, what are you waiting for? Bring yourself and your family. Make it a vacation for the entire group with a few days of woodturning enjoyment in the middle.  For all the details, click here.

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