April Meeting Highlights

Laura Welter contacted the Guild concerning a summer silent auction to benefit Safe Passage. The consensus is that the event should be held during the music festival and if possible in conjunction with Mendocino Woodworkers show.

June 12 will be an all day turning event.

The turning challenge was discussed. Brian will head up the coordination of the event.

Wayne's two fruitless mulberry bowlsWayne turned the two fruitless mulberry bowls opposite. The wood was wet when turned and rough turned to ¾”. To dry the bowls he soaked them in a 50/50 mixture of dish soap and water overnight, air dried them and finished the turning. There are no cracks in the bowls.

Brian's Segmented bowl



Last month, Brian brought a segmented bowl that came apart during turning due to weak glue joints. Here is the repaired, finished bowl. Nice recovery, Brian.

Russ provided a number of items as examples of items that could be used in the turning challenge.

Russ gave the demo on turning a natural edge bowl.

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