December Meeting Highlights

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Acrylic Pen Materials

Acrylic Pens and color additives

Wendell provided show and tell on acrylic pen blanks. He brought in 3 different acrylic pens that he had turned to demonstrate some of the different options. You can get the acrylic rosin at Micheal’s, Walmart and other supply stores. It comes in multiple colors and you can add different colors, wood pieces, and other items of interest together. You can purchase it 3 or 15 minutes set times, both of which take around 3-4 hours to de-mold. For finishing, acrylic polish or Brasso can be used. And a smooth final finish can be made on the lathe with MAPP gas torches using great care. Wendell will provide a full demo of the technique at the next meeting.

Show and Tell

Michael's First Bowl

Michael’s First Bowl

Lee's Rolling Pin

Lee’s Rolling Pin

Russ' Bowls

Russ’ Bowls


We had two demos this meeting, one given by Russ on turning wine stoppers and the other was by Brian on pen turning.

Wine Stoppers (left) and Texturing Tools (right)

Wine Stoppers (left) and Texturing Tools (right)

Wine stoppers are made by taking square wood blanks of an appropriate size and installing a dowel.Once the wood blank is turned to the desired shape, a synthetic wine cork is glued on the dowel. If the dowel is exposed at the end of the stopper, the wine it will migrate up the dowel and split the wooden stopper.


Blank in the mandrel (left) & Barrel Trimming Tool (right)

Brian’s demo on pens showed the tools required which consisted of a mandrel to hold the pen blank, barrel trimmer, assembly tool and finishing materials which can be either the CA finish, woodturner’s finish and other choices. You can make you own woodturner’s finishes with equal parts alcohol, 2# cut shellac, and linseed oil.

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