December Meeting Notes

Our December meeting was at Joe Cooper’s shop with a great attendance.

We added $41 to our treasury from the raffle, and most of us went home with butternut squash, peppers, and oranges from Wayne and Annette’s garden.

Next meeting location and demonstration will soon be announced.

Show & Tell

Joe showed us a model train he and his students made years back and it won a first place in the state fair. The engine had many lathe turned components as well as numerous other parts. The train traveled a thirty foot track towing many cars.

Several exotic woods were used and it took a year to build. Quite an accomplishment!

More Show and Tell

Demonstration time !

Brians bowl from a board-1Brians bowl from a board-2





Brian showed us how from one board, he cut concentric circles

on a band saw with the bed tilted so that each ring was progressively smaller yet stackable, to make a rough bowl blank. I’ve enjoyed seeing techniques that express wood conservation, and this method certainly minimized waste.

Brians bowl from a board-3

Brian also showed us a segmented bowl with babinga and other woods and explained how he made a steady rest with wheels from inline skates.

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