Highlights of the All Day Turning Event

The All Day turning was a huge success.  There were 5 lathes and six participants. The really good news was lots to eat, and some of it was even healthy.

The day started with a discussion of safety followed by a demonstration and practice on sharpening tools. Sharp tools with the correct edge and angle are most important for successful turning. The group   decided they would like to turn a box. Russ demonstrated turning a box. First he turned the wood round, decided which would be the top and the bottom. Next, he cut it into two pieces and turned the top first.

The lid fit snugly and was finished while attached to the bottom. Then the bottom was hollowed, sanded and finished. A jam chuck was used to reverse chuck the bottom and then turn and finish the bottom.

Now it was up to the participants to turn a box. Russ, Les and Wendell served as coaches for Bill, Damon, and Ed. By the end of the afternoon everyone had successfully finished a box. In the process, much learning took place and everyone was very pleased with their finished product.

Les demonstrated turning a bowl.  He started with a large natural edge bowl using a screw chuck. He turned a tenon to attach the chuck and turned the piece around to hollow out the bowl. Several people were able to try out different tools to get a sense of how they were used and how to turn without getting a catch.

Russ, Less and Wendell shared their show and tell items. Russ had turned several large platters, blackwood boxes and a couple pieces that had been decorated with a burning tool.

Russ's Platters, boxes and bowl, some decorated with a burning tool

Russ’s Platters, boxes and bowl, some decorated with a burning tool

Wendell's turned acrylic pen

Wendell’s acrylic pen

Wendell shared the new designs of pieces he has been making with poured acrylic and then turning them into pens and bottle stoppers. One item even had a pinecone in the piece of acrylic.


Les shared a large Bay Laurel bowl and three delicate long stemmed goblets.


Les’s Bay Laurel bowl and goblets

Wendells mess

Wendell looking at the mess he’d created

Wendell turning the acrylic. What a mess.  Bill was really getting deep into that box.

Unfortunately, photos were not taken of all Wendell’s turnings, but I did get a picture of the mechanical pencil he turned and gave our granddaughter.

We even had a great clean up crew. It was a safe day of turning, which is always the most important factor considering all the sharp tools and power machines running. Thanks to all who participated.

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