November Meeting Highlights

The Guild leadership would like to encourage greater participation by all members of the Guild to revitalize the direction of the group. The following are offered.

  1. Search for and arrange for demonstrations by members of other groups, g. Ukiah, Sacramento. If members have turning acquaintances outside our area, contact them for possible suitable demonstrators.
  2. Start a Mentor group that turns on a regular
  3. Provide an introduction to turning for each new class at
  4. All day turnings directed to a specific project for all in
  5. Everyone should step out of their comfort zone and do a Learn one, do one, teach one.
  6. A monthly report on a video that the club Someone could watch it and report back to the group.
  7. Survey to determine what are the interests of the

We encourage our members to give this some thought and please share them so they can be discussed at the December meeting. Lets break the same ole hat with the same ole people and bring fresh life into the Guild.

Brian showed us his four-jaw chuck mounted drive center. The advantage is that a blank can be rounded and a tenon turned and then be mounted directly in the four-jaw chuck with out removing the drive center and reinstalling the four-jaw chuck. He claimed it saved him considerable time on his last multiple object project.

Recent Turnings by Members:

The following two images were accidentally left out of the October newsletter

We had a hands-on demo this month with each member pouring an acrylic pen blank. Multiple materials were available to include in the blank. The Guild thanks Wendell for leading an informative session and providing tools and materials for our use. There is left over acrylic purchased with Guild funds available for additional projects.

The December meeting will be held in Russ’ shop, 18510 Estel’s Court, on Sunday December 11, 2:30.

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