Mendocino Turning Guild October 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at Derald’s shop on October 14 with twelve members in attendance.

Derald's Redwood Bowl

Derald’s Redwood Bowl

The Guild would like to welcome new members Bill Walton and Steve Beckley.

The booth that Brian suggested for next years craft fair is a 10X10 area for $80.

Brian showed a finished lidded box which was also the demonstration for the day.

Derald showed a Redwood bowl that had an edge destruct.

Les turned a Bay Laurel bowl that he claims is the most miserable turning he has ever done.  He worked in 45minute increments over a long period of time.  In contrast he turned a small bowl out of driftwood, possibly yew.

Carl turned a lidded box out of the piece of blackwood he won at the last meeting.

Bill Walton is a volunteer at Fort Ross and is assisting in the rebuilding of a cannon.  He needs to turn a replacement axel out of a large piece of oak and asked for group input on how this may be accomplished.  He has been unable to find an historical reference on how this was done in the past.

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