September Meeting Highlights

The President’s Report included the following discussions:

  • The group decided that they would donate to Safe Passage again this year, as that has been such a valuable experience, well received by the public and a great fundraiser for Safe Passage. Lee and Brian will be the contact for Laura Welter. All turning will need to be completed in the month of November and delivered. (GET BUSY TURNING)
  • The group agreed that they would hold an all day turning for the November meeting with the possibility of hosting members from the Gold Country Woodturners group from Nevada City. It will be held in Russ’s shop

Education Report – Russ shared the Elio Drive he purchased from Brian McEvoy. You can read about it on line rather than try to explain it here.

Russ and Lee shared a recent all day workshop they attended in Sacramento with Ireland professional turner Glenn Lucas. It was a great day hosted by Norcal Woodturners of Sacramento. Also included in the discussion was the information on using a double bevel on your bowl gouge to take a finer cut and to reduce the chatter when the wall of the bowl gets thin.

Today’s Demonstration. Brian had made numerous bowl blanks that could be used by the turners present at this meeting. Brian proceeded to share with the group that this was an opportunity for everyone to turn while others watched.

Important topics covered:

  • using a chuck or a glue block to attach the piece to be turned to the lathe
  • proper use of a bowl gouge,
  • hollowing techniques to properly remove wood from the center
  • ways to make a clean cut reducing the need for extensive sanding.

This gets everyone to the lathe. This was an opportunity to receive first hand assistance and everyone could learn from one another. Several members took their turn on the lathe and the event was well received by all. The activity was certainly learning and teaching experience for everyone who attended.

Here some photos of the day’s demonstration and members ‘show and tell’

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