Wood turning notes.

Allan Batty has produced a set of wood-turning notes with some great tips for selecting, using and sharpening your woodworking tools.At the end, he gives some brief tips on wax finishes and cutting threads – download here

Guide to Gouges.

Joe Larese wrote an “A Guide to Gouges” for the American Association of Woodturners.  It gives a good overview of the different types of gouges, along with the pro’s and con’s of different grinds.  Download it here.

Rotary Tools

Lee Baker recently gave a demonstration of various rotary tools that can be used for various effects and decorations.  Lee showed us different examples – carving out the part of the neck of a vase to make it look like there was one inside the other, piercing a bowl to create beautiful patterns to simple making a textured surface on part of your bowl or box.

Lee has made list of the tools he showed/discussed and where you can buy them.  He’s even included a price guide.  Click here to view/download.

Glen-Drake Toolworks

The Glen-Drake Toolworks is located in Fort Bragg, the city that also hosts the world-renowned College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program on California’s beautiful north coast. We are dedicated to the task of developing tools for woodworkers, including skews for wood turners. Our designs are developed, tested, and honed by fine woodworkers.

DIY Vacuum Chuck for Powermatic & Jet Mini lathes

Vacuum chucks are a great way to chuck a bowl for finishing the bottom, often one of the more difficult part of finishing a project.  View this article to see the components you’ll need, how it’s assembled along with a price guide.